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When Super-science, Metahumans, and magic come together the possibilities are limitless. Create a rich comic book world uniquely your own. Protect the world from mad mutants, evil organizations bent on world domination, corrupt government groups that seek to control Metahumans or have them neutralized, and intergalactic conquerors seeking to harvest the Earth for their own reasons.

Using the Open Action System, players can create virtually any hero they can imagine. With guidelines for running individual heroes or creating their own world-class super team, the Open Action System is designed for fast, creative play that rewards characters for their backgrounds, talents, and creativity.  

  • Build a shared super setting with guided collaborative world building and team origin, or jump into the action with the world of Metahumans Rising.
  • Create heroes with customizable arrays and flexible powers based on keywords, or pick from over 25 sample powers from absorption to water control, with hard light constructs and invulnerability in be-tween.
  • Never feel limited to just what’s on the sheet as heroes push themselves beyond their limits with Willpower, a measure of one’s determination that grows as misfortunes mount and heroes struggle with their own motivations.
  • Easy to use rules for background characters and disasters allows GMs to create threats on the fly, from radioactive mutant gerbils to a tidal wave large enough to wipe out a country.
  • Find out about villainous organizations like Chimera, a genetic cult seeking to force start the next stage in human evolution, and the Bureau of Metahuman Affairs, a secretive arm of the US government tracking Metahuman activity worldwide.
  • Burning the Midnight Oil, an introductory adventure, gives you everything you need to get started, including: a story to help define a campaign city, a cadre of super villains known as the Brood and a sample starting super team, the Steel Aces.

* Note: Radioactive gerbils sold separately..

System Overview 1: The Basics

System Overview 2: Character Creation

System Overview 3: Background Characters 


Free Adventure Seeds

 Steel Aces web comic 

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Buy Now$15.00 USD or more

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How many players is this game?

Metahumans Rising can facilitate most game tables, typically 2 to 6 players, with 3 or 4 being a kind of sweet spot. At conventions I've run one on one games, and once a table of 12 people. At that size though we got a bit wild and woolly to keep things moving. 


looks like lots of fun

We hope you enjoy playing!


I really enjoy the fluid way that characters can utilize their abilities in this rule set. The ability to spend session resources of your character to think of creative ways to add extra skills/power/abilities to your role as long as it is in a way that makes sense it pretty awesome. 


Thanks for the callout r0wntree! The ability to adapt powers and tactics is something we felt was an iconic aspect of comics and superheroes.  It's also something we wanted to make sure was represented in Metahumans Rising. We're glad you enjoy the game and the ways we tried to encourage creativity.