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The original feast of Saint Valentine began in the late fifth century. Yet, there does not seem to be a single Saint Valentine, rather they are a composite of three different martyrs living in the second and third centuries. During the renaissance, the meaning of Valentine’s day evolved from the remembrance of these martyrs to a celebration of romance and courtship. What is martyrdom without sacrifice, without blood? 

Today, few remember the bloody origins of this romantic holiday. There is one though, old enough to remember, and to draw on the power of sanguine inception to fuel their dark magic. Come this Valentine's Day, the power of love will be harnessed to overcome death. 

As others celebrate their love around the world, the Queen in Red has crafted a ritual to steal that power to open a portal to the underworld and resurrect her most powerful servant, once again, Mordred, the Hell Knight. And, when she is done, the world will be forever changed by their combined will. 

Suitable Campaign Age: Golden, Bronze, Dark, or Cinematic 

Adventure Tone: Macabre Action 

Recommended Power Level: Classic 

Content Warning: The following adventure contains occult and supernatural elements. The cosmology represented in this adventure is not intended to advocate or endorse any religious or spiritual belief. Imagery may be inappropriate for young readers. 

Metahumans Rising One Shots

Starting in December 2019, House Dok Productions began releasing free adventure for Metahumans Rising on their website.  These  one shot adventures are designed for a single game session (about 3 to 5 hours) and can be injected into most modern day superhero campaigns.  Updated and formatted for PDF,  we hope you enjoy the adventure! 

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