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The nights are getting longer, the day is a little bit colder, and that Autumn breeze brings the scent of pumpkin spice through the air. 

Halloween decorations find their way into the windows and doors of homes all around the city. Children find excuses to make their way to Perez Park to play in the lush secluded forests. No one expects tragedy to happen, until it does.

Kids tell stories of a cotton candy grove inside the forest at Perez Park. The pumpkin man who lives inside, the children call him Spider Jack. They tease each other to steal his candy. Daring one another to go deeper and deeper into his lair. Only this time one of the children doesn't come back. The child's friends say Spider Jack caught them.

Now it is up to the heroes to find out what's really going on inside Perez Park, and, if they're lucky, save a child's life.

Thrill Me Edition

Expand this adventure adding new characters, scenes, and twists to the story.  The Thrill Me edition introduces another lost in Jack's cotton candy nightmare who can help the heroes, if they can help him first. Also, in Thrill Me we introduce Elder Speech, the mind breaking language that existed before creation, and a chance to learn Jack's motivation. Finally, there are new tools to solve the true riddle at the heart of the grove, and new rewards. 

The Thrill Me edition includes and expands on content originally found on the Steel Aces Patreon. With the completion of the Steel Aces comic, and the closure of our Patreon, House Dok wants to continue to share this added content. The Thrill Me edition is available for $2 USD, the same price as an entry level subscription to our Patreon. 

We hope you enjoy! 

Suitable Campaign Age: Golden, Bronze, Dark, or Cinematic 

Adventure Tone: Macabre Action 

Recommended Power Level: Low or Classic 

Content Warning

The following adventure contains elements of the macabre and grotesque. This adventure places children in danger. GM's are encouraged to read through completely and decide how best to handle children in the story based on the Campaign's Lines and Veils.

Metahumans Rising One Shots

Starting in December 2019, House Dok Productions began releasing free adventure for Metahumans Rising on their website.  These  one shot adventures are designed for a single game session (about 3 to 5 hours) and can be injected into most modern day superhero campaigns.  Updated and formatted for PDF,  we hope you enjoy the adventure! 

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