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The local history museum has been attacked by a contingent of Eisenreich soldiers, intent on stealing the Ambrotos Kubos, the Immortal’s Cube. A relic from ancient Greece that is said to grant its wielder power over life and death. This is only the beginning though. In the aftermath, the heroes are left with the curious question of where the cube originated, and it’s intended purpose. 

Suitable Campaign Age: Any (Adjust to campaign) 

Adventure Tone: Explorative, Action-Adventure, Macabre   

Recommended Power Level: Low or Classic 

Content Warning: The following adventure formally introduces a comic book style descendants of the Nazi party. However, they are only really teased in this adventure, and not the core antagonists. GMs who wish to keep this faction a secret for a more spectacular reveal should adjust accordingly. The adventure also contains a fictionalized cult based on real world religious beliefs. Additionally, there is an exploration of ideas concerning life, death and the afterlife. Readers can find a wealth of information on Pythagoreanism and Hellenism online. Finally, unrelated, the villain is not Hades, it’s never Hades, and even historically when it was it’s because Hera talked him into it.

Metahumans Rising One Shots

Starting in December 2019, House Dok Productions began releasing free adventure for Metahumans Rising on their website.  These  one shot adventures are designed for a single game session (about 3 to 5 hours) and can be injected into most modern day superhero campaigns.  Updated and formatted for PDF,  we hope you enjoy the adventure! 

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